Friday, April 25, 2014

Potemkin Villager Introduction

Potemkin Village: a term used typically in politics and economics, to describe any elaborate construct (literal or figurative) built solely to deceive others into thinking that a condition/situation is much better than it really is. 
I consider the perceived normal for all persons on the planet, with some exceptions, as naive bit players in a series of global experiments. It is my conviction that, apart from those in the know,- the THEMS and their overt victims, Targeted Individuals, all of the global events that pass for normal, from weather through to disasters, man-made or otherwise, are in fact arranged and contrived for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation. The generic term for this is "prison planet". As part of this Targeted Individual abuse campaign with my family as supporting cast, I get a ringside seat on what the perps seem to be interested in, and I am continually in awe of the depth and breadth of this experimentation and the levels it reaches. If you have a modicum of lie-spotting skills, have you ever wondered why politicians seem so contrite and lie-prone when answering reporters' questions?

Blog Purpose:
This blog is about the:
  • exotic technologies used to to remotely invade and control individuals (Targeted Individuals, TI),
  • suppressed science and the supporting group-think that pervades conventional physical theorists, and the
  • possible objectives for this form of non-consensual human experimentation and abuse, as I suffer it firsthand, 24x7.
In other words, if teleportation and telekinetic applications (aka, action-at-a-distance technologies) are just another passing moment at the office, (as it seems), then what else do they want? And have they done this before on a planet-wide basis; say, blowing up the planet that is now the asteroid belt, and decimating most of the surface of Mars (apart from some Egyptian-like artifacts) and rendering the surface uninhabitable? Probably, and we are Experimental Planet #3 in this solar system, and no doubt other planet-wide experiments are in progress. My grade 12 science teacher flat out said, "if you can control gravity, you can control the world", and was doing their bidding all along.

This blog will be infrequently updated because the nature of the technology is relatively static, unlike my personal tortured existence a described in TI World. (As a harbinger, it has only taken me eight months to get this introduction together). 

Tentative Topic List
In no particular order:
  • the energetic ether, aka the omni-plasma continuum, aka orgone energy, chi etc. and the associated denial artists,
  • weather engineering, and how such services can be arranged, e.g. the work of Trevor James Constable
  • neutrinos, something the perps want me to know about
  • electrogravitics, especially the work of Thomas Townsend Brown
  • organized child abuse, from native Indians in the US and Canada, and others like the Duplessis Orphans in Quebec, Canada
  • disregarded Russian science of Kozyrev (toroidal energies) and Grebennikov on the anti-gravitic micro-cavities structures effect
  • disregarded Western science that suggests an energetic ether or other forces or flies in the fact of conventionality and is shunned
  • speculations on the connection between atrocities, TI abuse, organized child abuse, suppressed science and whatever else seems to be strong theme of the perps; e.g financial transactions, the act of taking measurements, clothing colors, gangstalker behavior, public rudeness etc.
Any other suggestions are welcome, though I am not promising their inclusion.

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